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ACF Mileposts Foundation and 1Lite online classes welcomes you. Classes presented on this website represent years of research and development. Great care has been given to develop specific curriculum for those facing various types of charges in the criminal justice system.

Circumstances surrounding criminal charges can be overwhelming, costly, and demoralizing. Curriculum’s provided contain valuable information in a positive uplifting manor. Concepts presented in our classes allow students to examine past choices and alternative choices that may bring a more desirable outcome.

Our educational program accommodate a wide variety of offenders in both Spanish and English. We offer 3 convenient options for taking our classes: live virtual classes, self-paced online classes ( or hard-copy version of the class that can be mailed to their home.

Our mission is to provide the utmost quality, affordability, and convenience in taking our education programs. ACF Mileposts Foundation, Inc, uses the very finest cognitive behavioral programs offered by the Nationally accredited program developer, NCTI. NCTI (National Curriculum Training Institute) has provided programs to numerous Government Agencies as well as the US Navy, Marine Corps, and US penitentiary systems. The recent addition of 1Lite online educational programs ( has been developed for accessibility, hardship cases, student convenience, privacy, work scheduling conflicts, and those living considerable distance from program operations.

ACF Mileposts Foundation educational programs have been used by all members of the Florida criminal justice system for over 35 years in the following ways:

  • Private Attorneys assisting the courts with pre-program completion
  • State Attorney’s and Public Defender’s use our classes as recommendations to the Court or negotiating plea deals,
  • Probation and Parole recommend our programs because of accessibility, acceptance by the courts, timeliness, quality, reliability, and dependability.